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Gordon Hempton

One day, Gordon Hempton, slept on the grass. A storm fell and he continued asleep in the rain. That was the day he became fascinated with the sounds of nature. For over 25 years, his job is to record sounds that people have forgotten to hear. He warns us: silence is becoming extinct.

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The SoundTracker®

Join internationally acclaimed acoustic ecologist, Gordon Hempton, as we listen to sunrise circle the globe, hear snow melt, whales sing and discover that the Earth is music, clear enough to hum all day. And let’s re-examine our widely held belief that the human ear evolved to hear human speech. We will listen to nature sounds that fit neatly into our peak hearing sensitivity (2 kHz-5 kHz) and speculate about the evolutionary consequences of detecting these sounds over great distances. During modern times with our global environmental crises is it enough to hear ourselves or must we, as a species still subject to the laws of survival, once again listen to what the Earth is telling us. This audio-visual presentation will change the way you look and listen to the world around you.

Audience Feedback

FANTASTIC; great sounds & photos.

Wonderful educator!

You clearly have found and nurtured your passion…. Your work is motivating!

Beautiful person—wonderful way of helping audiologists REALLY appreciate sound and silence.

Excellent in all respects.

The presenter was exceptional! He kept my attention throughout the entire presentation.

I would recommend his presentations to colleagues.

Unique presenter.

Speaker encouraged us to step back and use a different lens in how we see and experience the world. Very insightful.

Whoever landed this guy, nice job! I especially appreciated the pairing of photography with sound, as I am a nature photographer as well as an audiologist.

This was a refreshing, interesting, and provocative presentation that I enjoyed immensely. As a university instructor, I will use many of Gordon’s observations in reaching some across nature generalities…