Earth is a Solar Powered Jukebox

Earth is a Solar Powered Jukebox (Audio)

Experience the joy of listening during this one hour World Tour of forests, prairies, wetlands, riparian zones, canyons, deserts, and ocean shores. We hear clearly the maxim that the more sunlight that strikes the surface of the Earth the louder each place sounds–provided that solar panels (green leaves) are in place.

Gordon Hempton, The Sound TrackerEarth is a Solar Powered Jukebox preview


  • Release Date: 10/01/2016
  • Format: MP3
  • Length: 60 Mins
  • Price: 7.49


The Film


“This is a remarkable journey:
a quest for imperiled Nature
an artist who never stopped listening.”

—Ken Burns

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The Book

One Square Inch of Silence

“Many books help us see the world differently; this one induces us to hear the world clearly.”

—Booklist, Starred Review

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