Earth is a Solar Powered Jukebox (PDF Book)

A complete guide to listening, recording, and sound designing with nature. Gordon Hempton, The Sound Tracker®, covers both science and art as we learn about how sound behaves in natural habitats and how this knowledge can be skillfully applied to produce award winning field recordings and compelling sound designs. Presented in two parts, Forces of Nature and Habitats, all 17 chapters explain such principles of acoustic ecology as how varying amounts of sunlight, precipitation, temperature, and wind produce predictable changes in natural soundscapes. Learn, too, why all animals must hear in order to survive in the wild. Learn about where to go, what to bring, how to listen, and how to set up and record under nearly all circumstances. Become acquainted with and come to rely upon a powerful sound design management method, built on soundscape pyramids that will allow you to produce complex, yet authentic designs, smoothly and efficiently to meet the most demanding deadlines–and transform your audience into the listeners they were born to be. Novices and experts, alike, will find this comprehensive instruction manual and its final exam invaluable. Downloadable PDF version with additional eBook link. 270 pages, illustrated with audio (internet connection required for audio playback).